Micro connecteurs AMM


Do you need a solution to solve your most demanding space constraints issues? Check out the capabilities offered by our new, AMM, 1.00 mm pitch connector. The highly reliable AMM series offers five standard layouts that are stocked and available in just a few days: 06, 10, 20, 34, or 50 contacts distributed over 2 rows.


Easy customization is part of Nicomatic’s DNA, the AMM series benefits from this flexibility and modularity. Engineers can either select another pin configuration (any from 04 to 50 signal contacts) or request pre-cabled connectors for easy integration. In the most demanding space constraints, AMM can also be produced without mounting ears.

Robust thanks to its high-performance glass fiber composite, LCP, housing and its stainless-steel fixing hardware, the AMM Series meets demanding requirements such as high temperatures and shocks up to 15g. The gold-plated contacts enhance the overall durability and performance of the AMM series.

Lightweight and secure with ingenious features like the integrated guidance pin for stacking purposes, the AMM range keeps your interconnect solution simple and efficient.

Main advantages

  • Space reduction (more than 25% compared to 1.25 mm pitch connectors)
  • No Minimum Order Quantity
  • Optional Tape and reel packaging
  • Exclusive V16 fixing with captive functionality
  • Guiding or locking fixing hardware
  • Stocked in depth versions: 06-10-20-34-50 contacts, straight thru hole

Easy custom

  • Any pin configuration from 04 to 50 signal contacts
  • SMT male and female
  • Female pre-cabled AWG 26.28.30
  • Connectors without mounting ears
  • And others!


  • High-performance glass fiber composite (LCP) housing
  • Contacts:
    • Male copper alloy, Au 0.15 to 0.4µ
    • Socket copper zinc alloy with 4 points of contacts, Au 0.15 to 0.4µ
  • 316L stainless steel hardware


  • Current carrying capacity: 3A@25°C for 20 pin
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage @sea level: 600 V RMS
  • Proof voltage @sea level: 1000 V RMS
  • Contact resistance: less than 10 m
  • Durability: Up to 1000 cycles
  • Cycling temperature: -65°C - +200°C
  • Humidity 25°C-65°C, 90% Rh for 10 cycles
  • Vibration: 15g
  • Shock: 100g
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