Micro connecteurs EMM

With its 1.27mm pitch, it achieves more than 40% space reduction compared to its parent CMM or 20% compared to standard MicroD. Designed to meet the performance requirements of MIL 83513, it integrates key features such as reversed contacts, integrated 90° back protection and interchangeable hardware.

Suited to both board to board (thanks to its secure wiping length), and board to wire (from gauge 24 to gauge 30) configurations, EMM will provide extreme modularity with any pin selection available from 04 to 60 signal contacts. Cable versions can be cabled at Nicomatic or you can crimp them by yourself: it is up to you.

Nicomatic et Amphenol Socapex concluent un accord inédit sur le connecteur rectangulaire au pas de 1.27 mm développé par Nicomatic
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Instant 2D Drawing for Nicomatic’s New EMM 1.27 mm Micro-Connector
Visitors to Nicomatic’s website now have access to instant 2D drawings for our new miniaturized & rugged 1.27 mm EMM Connector. In addition, each 2D drawing also displays product specifications on the second page. MyNicomatic users can also request 3D Drawings,...
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